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as a bootstrapped Airplane competitor, we're both sorry and exited. the trend of startups shutting down and/or being acquired kinda shines light on those who was grinding themselves

so i'm here to offer an alternative to Airplane customers - we at UI Bakery hope to assist Airplane customers in migrating to our platform (https://uibakery.io) to minimize the impact of this unfortunate event.

UI Bakery can help build both internal tools and external-facing apps (in fact, some of our clients embed UI Bakery on public websites). Our users can: - Connect to 30 data sources (SQL and NoSQL, HTTP APIs, and 3rd-party services like Salesforce and Stripe). - Use the Drag and Drop UI builder with 75 components to build responsive web apps based on your data. - Create simple and sophisticated business logic with Actions that can read/write data from data sources on UI interactions and as scheduled jobs/webhooks. - Generate code/SQL with AI code generation and Chat with UI Bakery documentation Assistant to build apps faster

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Superb article. Thx OC.

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Curious quote from the Retool CEO in light on Airtable shutting down the product. Feels like if it was actually decent it would be a natural upsell to Airtable customers?

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