The AI start-ups will get punched in the face harder than other start-ups have, much quicker.

I'd never bet against an incumbent with market share, high revenues, high profit, and the best people.

So many of these AI Start-Ups are building features in the incumbent platforms.

Descript is a good example of this - except for the AI voice clone, Adobe has now developed far more superior features to their already incredible suite.

This feels like another FinTech & CLM rush for investment that has happened over the last 5 years.

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Google has gotten much harder to use though - way too much junk and outdated or sponsored content for most searches...

How Google Ruined Financial Writing (And ChatGPT Might Save It)


If you know anything about investing/finance, forget getting writing work from most financial sites or blogs that focus on Google rather than readers. How ChatGPT & AI could change that.

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