Finance & Ops Stuff

I will continue to add more regularly.

These are for educational purposes only and the below files may contain errors and/or differences in how your company should account for things.

Templates below include (easily $100K in value 😎):

  • Payroll forecasting

  • Commissions calculator

  • Sales capacity planning model

Headcount Planning

  • Payroll Forecasting

    This file calculates the monthly salary and employer taxes for your current and future expected headcount.


  • Commission Calculator

    Calculator for commissions for a typical enterprise software sales rep. It automates most of the work and provides a summary.

  • Quota Math for determining unit economics

    This simple calculator breaks down the unit economics of the entire GTM pod to make sure there are strong unit economics based on a company’s specific org structure.

Sales Capacity Planning

  • Sales Capacity Planning Model

    A sales capacity planning model to enable you to forecast new revenue based on your sales reps and a number of drivers — productive capacity, seasonality, ramping, overassign, etc. This model also includes a pipeline funnel forecast to model the number of opportunities that will need to be created in order to hit forecasted new revenue