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I keep thinking they need to reboot Silicon Valley from the POV of Finance and HR. The level of insanity that happened the last 6 years you can't make up. On working hours specifically, my campus had ~800 employees on it but the parking lots were more than 50% full for less than 8 hours a day (pre COVID). I took pictures of it. So the avg employee was there ~5-6 hours a day but spent a good portion of that "day" walking their dog/doggy play dates, making lattes and waffles, walking to another building for kombucha/cold brew, ping pong or video game room, yoga/gym workouts, etc.

Way too many people with no real job but plenty of money to fund their ideas. So the culture became theoretical and idea based with few people who wanted to or had the skills do make anything come to fruition. I can go on and on and write a book about it. The company has been a success on most measures, the problem with businesses is you can never see the alternate universe of the even faster growth with $100+m less money burned that was possible.

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How meta - tobi just called me and said he doesn’t support your writing side hustle 😂😅

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